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The 20 published university studies, and the experiences of hundreds of thousands of customers, have proved beyond doubt that Isagenix has evolved the science of human nutrition and performance to a level not seen before. We have the best solution that science has discovered so far; the solution people have been looking for.

Our unique referral-enrollment program has added stress-relieving monthly incomes to tens of thousands and has created over 425 one-million-dollar earners. Customers who choose to participate as Associates refer and enroll new customers to expand our base to reach more people faster.

Our community culture elevates the lives of our members.

Isagenix has invested huge resources to evolve and advance our ability to impact world health and end physical and financial pain.

New developments in 2024 have created extraordinary new opportunities.

We're now growing in 24 countries and you have an opportunity to reach your dreams of a better life by helping us to fully achieve our vision.

The world needs what we can do. Now more than ever.



Please Watch This Short Zoom Clip




Dr. Paul Arciero is Professor at the University Of Pittsburgh; respected as one of the world's top nutrition and physiology scientists, and has 80 peer-reviewed studies published in prestigious journals.

His expertise is unchallenged; his full credentials are below.

Dr. Arciero investigated the results of the Isagenix products for more than a decade because of the extraordinary data his studies revealed.

These quotes from Dr. Arciero are from a recent Isagenix Associate Team Zoom call.

"This has to be brought to the masses and I don't say that lightly...the data speaks for itself; there's no opinion ...this scientific data is life-changing for the world... incredible scientific data that no one else has. Isagenix is the leader with no close second."

"We are at a critical junction right now in terms of the world's health and until we grab hold of this information and really get out there to the world and scream it from the rooftops we're going to continue on the trajectory of where we're going, and that's some disease, unhealth and early death for millions of people."


"What's always impressed me from the time that I first met the Isagenix family is the service-minded mindset that you have. You're there to serve others but you do it with a grateful heart.

I applaud all of you for the work that you do; it's inspiring...you have the life-serving mission that you're trying to give to other people, not just yourself but to others as well, and then you have on top of that the science to help support it and back it up."


Dr. Paul A. Arciero, FACSM, FTOS, FISSN


University of Pittsburgh
rofessor, Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition.

Skidmore College
Professor, Health & Human Physiological Sciences.
Director, Human Nutrition, Metabolism & Performance Laboratory

Dr. Arciero has 40 years experience in nutrition and fitness lifestyle interventions to optimize health and physical performance, and his research focus includes optimal protein level and timing in relations to human weight, body composition, health and fitness, with grants from organizations including the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

He has served as a performance physiology and nutrition expert for some of the nation’s most elite, including; Olympic medalists, world-class professional athletes (National Hockey League, American Hockey League, boxing, cycling, and rowing), as well as thousands of collegiate, high school, and Masters Athletes of all sports and fitness routines.  

Dr. Arciero is an Amazon #1 best-selling author, and a keynote speaker. His book is now required reading in many Nutrition courses, and he has been invited to speak at more than 200 conferences around the world.

Education And Training
Undergraduate And  Training Undergraduate:
1980-1986 Central Connecticut State University, New Britain CT, B.Sc., Special
Studies; Biology, Physical Education and Business, 1986

1986-1987 Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, M.Sc., Exercise Physiology
Specialization: bioenergetics, nutrition, metabolism, 1987
1991-1993 University of Vermont, School of Medicine and Nutritional Sciences,
Burlington, VT, M.Sc., Nutritional Sciences, 1993
1988-1989 Springfield College, Springfield, MA, D.P.E./Ph.D.,1990-1993 Exercise Physiology, 1993

1993-1994 Washington University School of Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Applied Physiology, 1994
Program Directors, John O. Holloszy, MD and Wendy M. Kohrt, PhD

Dr. Arciero is a former Board Member of the American Heart Association, and was appointed to the 15-member International Protein Board composed of the leading protein scientists in the world.

Dr. Arciero has been inducted as a fellow of The American College of Sports Medicine (FACSM), The Obesity Society (FTOS), and The International Society of Sports Nutrition (FISSN).

Dr. Arciero has more than 70 peer-reviewed published research studies on performance nutrition and exercise training in the world’s most respected science journals including the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the Journal of Clinical Medicine, Obesity, Frontiers in Physiology, the American Journal of Physiology, the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Arciero's
research has been featured in BBC World News, BBC Reels, NBC News, Today Show, USA Today, WebMD, The Wall Street Journal, Time, the American Heart Association, and hundreds of others.


Dr. Arciero is the Primary Investigator of many of the Isagenix published studies.

Last year his latest study, published in Obesity: The Journal of the Obesity Society, was in the top 10% of all articles downloaded from the Wiley Online Library. Wiley is the leading academic publisher with over 8 million peer-reviewed articles from 1600 scholarly journals around the world.

The Isagenix results that he documented are so advanced that he asked to join the Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board.

Isagenix has years of other studies including a 2012 University Of Arizona at Chicago study which won an award from the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) for obesity research.

We have a whole website devoted to the science behind Isagenix.


Powerful Study Results And A Message From Dr. Arciero:


Continued Innovation

Results You Can't Get Anywhere Else™!

New innovations are released regularly and ongoing studies continue to validate the broad range of wellness and performance results loved by our customers.

It's easy to be successful when you're the best at delivering what people want.


Now, how do we help you maximize your ability to help us reach larger numbers of people, spread our new paradigm of wellbeing, and create an unlimited residual income?


Our Beautiful Business Model

Isagenix offers a simple path to financial freedom that can work for anyone, especially if they have a heart for helping others, and a willingness to follow some basic steps.


Give Attention: This Can Change Your Life

Instead of using traditional advertising, Isagenix grows its customer base using a strategically structured network of very satisfied customers who choose become Associates and earn a residual income for sharing our revolutionary system with others.


• As an Associate, you use our videos, websites, and social media content to attract and enroll new Customers and new Associates, who are automatically structured into a self-expanding, profitable Network Team.

• The strategic growth of your Team is based on Time-Leveraging; increasing the effective hours available to build your Isagenix income.

• You only have so many hours in a week.

• Just using your time alone as an Associate would build your business slowly, one person at a time.

• By leveraging the time of many Associates on your Team, each doing what you do and just enrolling a few new Customers and Associates consistantly, we create faster growth without you having to personally create thousands of customers to be successful.

• Each Associate on your Team has exactly the same opportunities that you do. They also build their Team by enrolling new Customers and Associates.

Here's the key; their Team is also part of your Team.

• This continues with every Associate that come into your total team, creating Teams within Teams that all contribute to the whole network. This is how some of our Associates have hundreds of thousands of customers while they each may only have enrolled dozens.

• Here's the beautiful part; as an active Associate you can benefit from the product orders and reorders of that entire network team, through leveraged commissions that offer immediate income, very generous bonuses, and unlimited long-term residual income.

• And it all starts with the first two Associates you enroll.

• We have perfected the training, tools, and strategies to help you grow that profitable network quickly, and globally. And it's free to our Associates.

• Using this model, Isagenix achieved rapid, massive growth and has paid its Associates accurately and on-time for 22 years; creating over 400 one-million-dollar earners and tens of thousands of people earning a new level of income.

You Can Profit From All Orders Generated By Your Growing Network Team

Read that section again until your lightbulb comes on.

You don't need to understand the details but I hope this gives you the general concept. When new people really understand the scope of the financial rewards that Isagenix offers, it changes the way they look at the possibilities for their future. It is incredibly exciting! Our training is free.

Unlimited income potential. There's no glass-ceiling here; there's no ceiling at all.

What Are The Results Of Our Business Model?

Record success is the result.

Isagenix has generated cumulative sales of $9 Billion, positively impacting the lives of millions of people world-wide, and creating new levels of income for our Associates.

Isagenix has already paid out $4 Billion to its Associates.

As of spring 2024, more than 425 of our Associates have each earned over $1 million, with tens of thousands of other Associates creating immediate and residual incomes from $50 to $5000 and more, per week, by referring and enrolling new Isagenix Customers and Associates using the wide variety of promotional tools we give them.

These results are possible because of the success of the products and the way our unique compensation plan is structured.

Of course, your level of success will depend on your willingness to consistantly apply some very basic skills, and your commitment to success.

Isagenix Made Success Simple

Isagenix Handles The Business Operations

Associates simply use our wide range of effective promotional tools to bring new people to the table, and help them get started. We don't handle any money or any product. Expert training is free.

Our qualification to get paid each month is simply based on our personal product use. We call it "eating our overhead".

This is a global opportunity; you can enroll people and grow your network in 24 countries and we're adding Germany in 2024.

How It Works For You

The cost to become an Isagenix Associate is just $29/year with any product purchase.

Business builders usually start with one of our Success Packs. This allows them to have hands-on direct experience a wide range of Isagenix products and results. Associates who start with a Success Pak statistically have the highest levels of success.

Personal growth and leadership are an additional benefit of being an Associate.

That growth happens naturally for those who are ready; it's not a structured program. I like that.

Just being in our community of positive, happy people sharing their experience stimulates your own personal growth, and expert trainings are continually offered.

In addition, I mentor my team with everything I've learned directly from some of the legendary names in the personal growth field. I've taught these concepts over the last 40 years to tens of thousands of people.

You will be given every resource possible to help you reach those high levels of success:

Isagenix gives you a beautiful, customizable, full-featured shopping website, that adjusts for the 24 countries and various languages we operate in.
Isagenix processes all orders and sign-ups via the website or our toll-free Order Dept. and Customer Care by toll-free number, email, and Chat. Both are available in multiple languages.
Isagenix gives you an extensive Back Office website that tracks orders, activity, and commissions, and links you to our wide-range of support resources. Everything you need is at your fingertips.
Isagenix helps you grow quickly and professionally by using email, text, and social media to talk directly to your Customers and Associates with offers, special promotions, contests, and exotic trips.
Isagenix gives you business training websites, weekly training video calls, social media support groups, information websites, and a full health blog that itself is an education in natural health and answers all your Customer's questions.
Isagenix gives you full Social Media Training and Guides, and an extensive Content Creation Media Library with ready-to-share content, and images, videos, and more to allow you to create your own content.
Isagenix gives you a Virtual Assistant app (Windows, Android, and OS) that allows you to send and track promotional materials to your prospects and Customers, gives you a daily list of who needs follow-up,and much more. It lets you work like a pro from your first day.

And you are supported directly by myself and our Team of Associates who are invested in your success.


Are you getting the idea?

Isagenix has created a revolution in self-care and made it simple for anyone to join in our mission and enjoy new success.

The simplicity dramatically increases the growth potential of your customer network. Many other such factors are in built-in to our business model and systems.

Our passion is to help people increase their wellness, look good, feel good, relieve the stress, and live more of the life they want with financial security. And it works.

If that's something you could feel proud of, we welcome you to the rest of this presentation to discover if being a part of our Team at Isagenix is the opportunity you've been hoping for.


MAJOR NEWS: May 2024

A Personal Note From Phil Zulli

A Huge Leap Into A New Future - A Magnificent Growth Opportunity

The Next Phase Of Our Success

Isagenix is making major announcements this year that advance the science of nutrition as we build toward a ground-breaking product launch next year, unveiling a new kind of product line that will impact not just the nutrition industry but also the food industry in a major, positive way. Natural, more sustainable, healthier.

This is a very big deal; these developments have attracted a new global management team to back us with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and a new Board Of Directors that includes a Global Director Of Marketing for Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

The size and speed of the growth ahead is impossible to calculate. I've been in the nutrition and wellness industry for 40 years and have been a part of its biggest growth waves. I understand clearly what this new development for Isagenix means; they've been putting the pieces in place for this for 4 years.

To give you an inside peek at this, I can share this short clip about the major product launch from a recent Zoom call with our Harvard-trained Chief Science Officer, Dr. Josh Plant. Yes, that's his real name. Dr. Plant was born to be a luminary in the creation of plant-based medicines.


What Can This Mean For You?

Knowing information like this at the very start of the new momentum in a global company with the track record of success Isagenix enjoys is very rare, and valuable indeed. It's an opportunity for you to positively affect the lives of millions of people, and perhaps build real wealth even more quickly than some of our Associates have in the past and we've had people earn their first million dollars within their first two years. That is in no way a typical result, but it has been done more than once.

Imagine what may be possible for you now. What if you only accomplish a fraction of that kind of success. What would that mean for your life, for your family, for your legacy?

I've Come Out Of Retirement To Mentor A New Team

This is such an exciting time for me! I started building this introductory website before I had all the details because I knew enough to make the decision to come out of retirement for what is happening now.

I've been at all levels of this industry, as a field leader, company trainer, corporate executive, and industry consultant, I've helped a lot of people make a lot of money and have impacted the health of an untold number of lives over the last 40 years. I'm not about to miss the biggest thing that ever happened to self-care and wellbeing.

It's evolution, baby.

I'm building my first new team in 16 years, and you're invited to be a part of it now, at the beginning. I'm training my Team and mentoring new leaders with fundamental principles and philosophies that have been largely lost over the last two decades, and using the new tools and tech that we have today to redefine Speed-Duplication™. I like to grow fast; in my experience it is easier to grow fast and take advantage of the momentum.

You were invited here to join us and take this incredible ride with us.

I have never been more excited to help people shift the quality of their life and lifestyle. The world needs us now more than ever.

How big are your goals? What do you want for your future, for your legacy?

More people than ever are looking for legimate opportunities that truly benefit others. They want something they can believe in, something simple that they start right away, in the time they have available. And they know that today they need to earn as much as possible; more money means more options in an uncertain future.

I put the details of our opportunity here, in this presentation; to show you clearly why Isagenix was born, and how the company accomplished such a high level of both product results and financial results. And as I said above, the greatest achievements are ahead.

Here's a key to your future success; the bigger you build your Isagenix business before all the announcements hit, the bigger the multiplier and the greater your success.

I'm giving you everything you need to make a good decision.

This stage of this opportunity will never happen again. I've included so much info up front because I know this all sounds too good to be true. I want you to have as much detail as you need to know that it is true. I am building my team strong.

This is a full presentation and a lot to read if you read every word. Some of you are like me and want to know the details. For others, i designed it so you can just scan the pages and pick the subjects and images that catch your attention.

I do encourage everyone to take the time to watch the videos. They tell a story.

I want the rest of this presentation to affect you; to allow you to dream bigger, and realize you can have a life of greater wellness and abundance. Then, it's up to you to take action. You will have me and a whole team of talented people who truly care to help you be as successful as you desire. There are no limits here.

All the best to you always,




Simple. Proven. Natural.


Experience Isagenix Results

Lose or gain weight, build muscle, increase energy & vitality, reduce stress, youthful aging & longevity, better sleep, better skin & hair, better health using the highest quality natural ingredients and most effective sourcing, processing, and formulations. Our products are clean, made from the best of everything, and they taste good!


The Health Challenges We Face Today

Compromised Food Supply

The low quality foods from corporate farms, GMO foods, cheap processing, artificial chemicals, a focus on convenience and sugary tastes, and other factors have had a clear effect on us. People are overweight, low energy, have digestion, skin, and other issues, and susceptible to a rate of illness we didn't see just 50 years ago.


Today, we ingest, inhale, and absorb toxins that accumulate in our bodies at a rate faster than our body's natural detoxification systems can handle. What are those toxins doing to your health?

Stress Overload

Do you know anyone who is stressed? It's a serious problem today. It's estimated that up to 90% of diseases and illness are stress-related. The stresses of daily life combined with money stress; it's just overwhelming.

Information Overload

Because these problems have become so obvious, today's headlines and advertisments are full of contradictory and false information. On social media especially, everyone is all of a sudden an expert and there are so many outrageous "click-bait" headlines that it's no wonder everyone is confused and public health just keeps getting worse.

People Want Proven Solutions

People are recognizing more and more that companies put profits above people and continually pound us with promises they can't keep. They do it knowing they will profit anyway because there's a steady stream of people who will keep trying the next product and the next product etc. Some people will come to believe that all products are the same, and lose hope.

Here’s where the marketplace is today.

82% percent of US consumers now consider wellness a top or important priority in their everyday lives.

They will spend nearly half a Trillion dollars on wellness products and services this year.

74% of consumers are concerned that their nutritional supplements are not backed by trustworthy research.

Many people are not sure who to trust or what to believe.

They want proven solutions.

The validation and credibility of Isagenix solves that problem; and that attracts long-term customers.



Isagenix Has The Proven Solutions

Isagenix puts people above profits, with no-compromise natural foods and supplements; master formulations using the best ingredients from around the world, and manufacturing processes that retain the natural effectiveness of those ingredients and allows maximum absorption.

Full wellness systems that focus on cellular nutrition to help the body to move the body to wellness and a greater quality of life, and are backed by peer-reviewed published studies.

This is Isagenix®. The word means "Balance The Body". As in nature, all things in balance, in the proper proportions. It's that kind of balance that allows a collection of musicians to become an orchestra and make beautiful music.

Isagenix works. Amidst the noise of today's world, we make beautiful music in people's lives.


"Isagenix built its reputation on exceeding all standards commonly used in the nutraceutical industry and this vision of creating a no-compromise company places Isagenix in a category of its own.”

Our Core System - The 30 Day Reset


Results You Can't Get Anywhere Else!™

For 22 years Isagenix has invested heavily in the latest good science with an in-house team of scientists conducting product research and development, the highest degree of safety and quality testing, and additional 3rd party testing, to ensure that Isagenix is always ahead of any competition.

To be able to offer proof that Isagenix is superior, Isagenix submitted its products for independent clinical study. The result so far is 20 independent, peer-reviewed, published clinical studies from:

- The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

- Skidmore College

- Arizona State University (ASU)

- The University of Pittsburgh

- Clarkson University

- The Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science in Taiwan

More studies to be published this year.

The results of just a few of the studies are listed below...




Dr. Paul Arciero On The Weight Loss Studies

As part of his extensive studies of the Isagenix products, Dr. Arciero compared Isagenix with the leading heart-healthy diet, also known as the Mediterranean Diet.

Here's a clip from his convention appearance in 2022.

An Opportunity Like No Other

We are the pathway to greater total wellbeing. We have the credentials and the track record; the leading edge in the health and wellness industry that you can feel proud to represent.

As an Isagenix Associate you can get paid very well to introduce people to the proven answers that can keep their family healthier and more financially secure.

It is the very noticeable results that empower us to want to tell the Isagenix story to more people; we want to share what we know. Our enrollments increase, the results of our enrolled team increase, and that creates authentic growth momentum. It becomes a rolling snowball that keeps getting bigger.

The top wellness results, respected credibility, happy Customers and Associates, and an unlimited income.

Makes it a lot easier to be successful, doesn't it?


Follow This Presentation Through To The End To Learn...

• 90% Of People Are Looking For Better Income Opportunities

• How our Associates can earn so much money

• How much you can earn this week and beyond

• Everything that we give you to succeed

• More about the products that make all this possible

• And how to get started

It's Your Good Future We're Talking About!




Creating Residual Cash Flow With Isagenix










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The weight loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 lbs during the first 9 days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

**Earning levels for Isagenix® Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at www.IsagenixEarnings.com. - See more at: http://thebuzz.isagenix.com/en-US/disclaimers#sthash.IN9rHMJq.dpuf

**Earning levels for Isagenix® Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at www.IsagenixEarnings.com. - See more at: http://thebuzz.isagenix.com/en-US/disclaimers#sthash.IN9rHMJq.dpuf

Earning levels for Isagenix® Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at www.IsagenixEarnings.com.

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